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Brood Females

All of these females have great conformation, high heads and great tails. Most of all they are intelligent, bold and have superior noses.

Kate ( Elhew Mr. McGwire x Rendezvous Elhew Judy) 
Ivory (Elhew Odyssey X Okie's Silver Bullet) 
Chief's Okie Shadow (CH Shadow's Attitude) 
Jen- (2xCh Stylish Elhew Phantam x Okies Elhew Suzie) 
Miss Elhew Snakeye (4xCh Elhew Texas Snakeye x Addition's Hytail Lady) 
Giada (Elhew Odyssey X Bodarc Elhew Ginny) 
Ice Ice Baby- Elhew Iceman x Miss Snakeye 
Darko Dolly- Mr. ELhew Sunray x Miss Snakeye 
Angel- Pence's Brushcutter x 3xCH Rawhides Blazin Lucy