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Effective 01/01/07
Here at Chief's Kennel we will go out of our way to make sure you are able to view the dogs and examine them in field situations in doing this we do have the following policies in place.

 Started/Broke dogs- We try to fit every customer with the dog best for them and there hunting preference. We show pictures or videos if available with detailed descriptions of dogs to give you an idea of that dog and performance. We sell all broke and started dogs "As Is". There is no warranty implied or money back guarantee with these dogs. I will describe them in the best detail as possible and show them on birds at customer requests. They are live animals and once they leave Chief's Kennel we are not responsible for the care, handling or training they are provided. 

 Puppies(0-6 months of age) -We take every step in ensuring a healthy puppy, owners have 2 days to have a vet checkup on puppies from date of sale. If puppy is deemed unhealthy, you must contact us immediately. Chief's Kennel will then seek a second vet exam and make a deciding decision on health. If deemed unhealthy by Chief's Kennel then we would replace the puppy with a similar breeding at our discretion. There is no money back refund implied.

We do not offer a "Puppy Performance Guarantee" with not all owners adapt at dog training, and performance being so subjective it would be almost impossible to guarantee. We do guarantee that all matings are only made with the goal of bettering our kennel.

 All stud fees have a return visit in the case of a non litter. There will be no return of stud fee. All females must have a current negative brusellosis test at time of breeding.

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